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Kihon without kumite, is like kata without bunkai.

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    The International Karate Daigaku is the fastest growing karate organization in the World. We have over 57 regions in 33 countries World Wide.

  • IKD Shihan Kai

    Providing Strong International Leadership and dedication to the growth of Shotokan Karate around the World!

  • Keeping Tradition Alive

    Following the vision of Grandmasters Gichin Funakoshi and Masatoshi Nakayama, the IKD is dedicated to the spread of Shotokan Karate around the World.

“Breaking the cycle of crime & violence through the discipline of karate.”

Our main goal continues to be of service to young people throughout the world by helping them find direction in life.


The International Karate Daigaku is the newest and fastest growing International Karate Organizaion. Since forming in February 2011, the IKD has grown to include 57 regions in 33 countries World Wide. This is inpart to the leadership of our Shihan Kai and our Founder Shuseki Shihan Frank Woon-A-Tai.
Meet the IKD

Meet Jennifer Foster. From the tiny town of Bruce Mines, Ontario, Sensei Foster is our featured IKD member for July.

Physics of Karate

Two great seminars were offered at the 2017 IKD World Honbu Camp. Physics of Karate by Sensei Marc Boismenu and Kata Embusen by Alain Dumas. If you missed the Physics of Karate lecture, here is the summary and lecture in pdf.

IKD President

IKD President, Sensei Major David Clarke CVO has been promoted by Queen Elizabeth II.

IKD Senate

Members of the IKD Senate were promoted at the 2017 IKD Honbu World Camp in Ontario. Congratulations to Shihans Keith DaCosta 8th Dan, Charles Woon-A-Tai 8th Dan, Josef Woon-A-Tai 8th Dan, David Pyke 8th Dan and Paul Bernstein 8th Dan.


The IKD is proud to announce the membership of IKD Australia under the direction of Sensei Hamid Mostofizadeh, 4th Dan.

Meet the IKD

Meet the Birds. IKD Antigua's Instructor, Sensei Arthur Bird and his daughter's, Dominique and Daena, are the featured IKD Members for June.